Envision G218a1 22 in. Widescreen Monitor
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 12-07-2008
Provided by: Geeks
First Looks

The G218a1 comes packed securely in two standard fitted Styrofoam pads and a plastic bag. Along with the monitor is: a base stand, audio, VGA, and DVI cables, a user's manual, a quick-start guide, and a statement of three year warranty. The included base snaps on, and is large and solid enough to effectively support the monitor. One of the snap-in clips on the bottom of the monitor was broken upon arrival which suggests less than perfect quality, but the base still worked well.

While the box of the G218a1 boasts a thin bezel, it seems rather large and robust to me. On the center of the monitor, we find the control and power buttons and the status LED. The LED is a rather bright blue when the monitor is active and amber when it is on standby. At either side of the control buttons are the speakers. The G218a1 only has limited tilt adjustment capabilities—from vertical to about 30 degrees back from vertical. As you can see, the monitor is also rather thick, certainly not living up to its “thin bezel” claims.

The back of the monitor is home to large grills on all sides for cooling and the IO panel. On the IO panel are the standard connections: power, audio, VGA and DVI. While there is nothing fancy here like HDMI, it's everything we would expect from a budget monitor like this. There is no cable shield or cable management system.

Continue on as we test out this monitor…

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