ECS P67H2-A2 Socket 1155 Motherboard Preview
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 01-01-2011
Provided by: ECS
First Look

The P67H2-A2 is a standard size ATX board measuring 305mmm x 244mm and is built on a black PCB. ECS has traditionally been known as a budget board manufacturer but their Black Series targets enthusiasts from high end to mid segment users, the latter of which the P67H2-A2 falls into. ECS will also debut a high end performance board, the P67H2-A, which will cater to higher end enthusiasts and features a Lucid HydraLogix 200 processor, allowing you to mix and match graphics cards across different manufacturers (ie: NVIDIA and AMD).

Starting at the top of the board, the first thing that stands out are the two large heatpipe-connected heatsinks used to cool the VRMs. ECS refers to this as Qooltech III Dual Heatpipe. Across the top of the board is the 8-pin CPU connector and a 4-pin CPU fan header.

On the right side we find the four DDR3 memory slots, a 3-pin fan header and the 24-pin ATX connector.

The LGA 1155 Socket supports all of the new 2nd Generation Core Family of processors. Around the CPU socket is the 8 phase power system as well as multiple solid capacitors that you will see spread across the entire board.

One thing I have noticed with this new socket on this board and a few other P67 / H67 boards is that the CPU socket appears to sit closer to the memory slots than P55 / X58 boards I have used. This could present clearance issues if you are using a large heatsink and your memory heatspreaders are larger than average.

More just ahead.

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