Eagle Tech N and I Series HDD Enclosures
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 05-21-2008
Provided by: Eagle Tech
I Series

The I Series is the dual drive enclosure and offers a limited form of RAID in the way of JBOD. JBOD or Just a Bunch Of Disks is also known as spanning, and unlike other forms of RAID, does not offer any data redundancy or additional drive performance. Each drive is handled independently by the enclosure, however the disks are combined logically and appear as one volume within the operating system. The I series enclosure comes in a gloss black finish with a contrasting plastic front panel that is interchangeable, bright orange for those who want their drive to stand out and silver for a more conservative appearance. The rear of the unit houses a cooling fan and on/off switch in addition to the USB and power jacks. There is also a button for one-touch backup.

Removing four screws on the bottom of the unit allows the rear panel to slide out, revealing the drive chassis inside. Drives are stacked on rails and screws are included to mount them through the sides of the frame. The SATA connectors for data and power are attached to the main board and a jack on the side provides connection for the front panel LED wiring, which must be disconnected when removing the drive cage.

After mounting both drives and attaching the screws, the whole cluster simply slides back into the housing and the screws are reinserted from the bottom. Don't forget to reattach the wiring connector for the front LED before buttoning everything back up.

Next let's take a look at the N Series enclosure.

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