Dynatron Genius G950 CPU Cooler
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 10-29-2009
Provided by: Dynatron
A Closer Look

Two banks of 50 microfins squeezed into roughly 120mm of vertical space provides a huge amount of surface area for optimum cooling. The plastic center guard serves two purposes, to connect the banks together and to provide protection for the spinning fan blades. The fan cable is sleeved in black nylon mesh with heat-shrink tubing at either end, and a 4-pin PWM connection compatible with most modern motherboards.

Four copper heatpipes extend equally from both sides of the base up into the fore and aft banks of fins. The heatpipes are capped with an aluminum plate that carries some thick fins on top, however the bottom has been left exposed and machined flat in the ever-increasingly popular direct-touch style. Although this eliminates the potential for a poor base-to-heatpipe adhesion, the rough machining and gaps between the heatpipes can introduce an installation challenge on their own.

The large 120mm fan takes up the full width of the heatsink, indeed the plastic guard has to extend outward slightly to curve around the path of the blades. The large plastic top section is molded with the Dynatron name, but also more importantly indicates the path of airflow so that the cooler can be installed with maximum efficiency in mind. Four threaded holes at the corners of the base provide attachment points for the supplied mounting brackets.

Let's get the G950 installed and begin testing.

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