Thermaltake DuOrb VGA Cooler
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 12-18-2007
Provided by: Thermaltake

Installation of the DuOrb is not much different from most other VGA coolers.

The first step, of course, is to remove your old cooling solution and clean your GPU and memory chips. For this, I used 91% isopropyl rubbing alcohol and Q-tips. After that, I went ahead and installed the included RAMsinks. Simply remove the backing and stick them in place. Enough were supplied to cover all of the memory chips as well as the VRM chips and the HSI core.

With the memory taken care of, we need to prep the DuOrb. Follow the included installation guide, which tells you which mounting hardware (set "A" or set "B") to use for your particular card. Attach the proper clips to the base then install the hexagonal screws onto the clips.

Apply your favorite thermal paste (although Thermaltake includes some white goop paste, I used Arctic Silver 5) then mount the cooler over the GPU. Now, on the backside of the card, apply the four included washers and finally, secure the cooler in place with the four hexagonal nuts.

Continue ahead as we cover the testing procedure...

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