10.4-Inch TFT LCD Digital Photo Frame
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 11-06-2007
Provided by: Geeks.com
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Photo Frame First Look

The frame itself is pretty large and has a piece of glass covering the actual LCD screen. The frame is about 2" deep at the thickest part, in the very center. I had no problems attaching the included stand.

Notice in the picture above that there are a few spots on the glass. I tried cleaning the outer surface but turns out, the spots are on the opposite site. Stuff like this drives me crazy, so I ended up removing the front glass panel (and voiding the warranty) in order to clean this. This is pretty poor quality control and I can only hope this is an isolated incident.

The other spot you see in the photo in the black trim area is the sensor for the remote control.

On the back of the frame, on the right side are two ports: AV input and AV output. The top input port (for plugging in headphones) is blocked off. I checked the installation manual and it states this is only the case with this size frame. I found this just a bit odd. Anyway, on the opposite side is a USB host port and the DC power input port.

The upper portion of the rear panel has several buttons. From left to right: Setup/Stop, Enter, Power Switch, Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Down Arrow and Up Arrow. On the bottom portion, we have another USB port, SD, MS, MMC, SM Card Slot and CF Card Slot. The SD card in the photo is not included - you will need to supply your own media.

There are two speakers on the back of the frame, one on either side, that have a power output of 2 watts each.

Next up, setup and usage...

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