CSX Wraith Tower Chassis
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 04-04-2008
Provided by: CSX
Included Accessories / Extras

Before we get to the actual case, I want to take a moment and show all of the accessories and extras that came with the Wraith.

One of the cool "extras" you get with any CSX case is a Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate states the exact case you have and my copy even listed it "for OCIA.net". You also receive a CSX t-shirt with an image of a deranged man (the same as on the Dark Spartan case) on the back and the CSX logo on the front left chest.

Also included is an installation guide for the Stacker 830/831 series chassis. The installation guide is 19 pages and mostly consists of diagrams, showing you how to install your hardware in the case. I found it easy to follow and comprehend.

A mixed bag of installation hardware is provided, as well as a pair of floppy disk drive brackets, upper and lower cross flow fan brackets and a BTX I/O shield. Two 5.25" to 3.5" converter shields are supplies and an extra set of screwless drive rails.

Since this chassis can be converted to BTX form factor, we also receive a "SRM", which is installed on the motherboard to provide support under the CPU socket. Next up is a BTX fan box / adapter and a single hard drive rack. This HDD rack can be installed in the roof of the case, so if you only have one hard drive, you could install it there and eliminate the other hard drive rack that is already inside the case (which is removable).

Four caster wheels are included with mounting screws (not pictured), which is something I have come to love on my current case. Finally, a set of LEDs is provided, along with some additional screws. I am not really sure what these are used for, as the chassis already has standard power / HDD LEDs. Nothing is mentioned about this in the installation guide either.

That pretty much covers all of the included accessories and extras. Continue ahead as we take a look at the exterior of the CSX Wraith.

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