LapWorks Crystal iPad Folio
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 01-14-2011
Provided by: LapWorks

There has been no shortage of iPad cases and accessories to choose from since the revolutionary tablet device was finally introduced by Apple nearly a year ago. The iPad has seen strong sales ever since and with holiday sales figures expected later this month, many predict yet another record-setting quarter from the Cupertino giant. This is all good news for accessory manufacturers, as most new users will be looking to protect their $500+ investment in some fashion.

I picked up an iPad a few months ago and have had the opportunity to check out a few iPad cases. The options I have looked at thus far focus on protecting your iPad rather than offering any additional usability features. Today we will be looking at the LapWorks Crystal iPad Folio which was announced just today. The Crystal Folio is a multi-purpose case that offers functionality in addition to a clear protective shell that allows the natural good looks of the iPad to show through.

LapWorks shipped over a sample of the new Crystal iPad Folio ahead of launch for us to evaluate. According to LapWorks, this is the first hard shell crystal clear iPad folio available anywhere. As we will see shortly, the unit is constructed of shatterproof Polycarbonate plastic and is totally clear with the exception of the black rubber hinge and grippy bumper feet.

Let's move ahead and take a closer look at LapWork's new iPad Folio.

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