NZXT Cryo LX Aluminum Notebook Cooler
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 02-06-2008

Comparing the Cryo LX with another notebook cooler I have, the Cryo dwarfs the other cooler and outweighs it by well over three pounds.
The first thing I noticed when plugging the USB cables in is this thing is loud. Even at the lowest setting it is clearly audible. For a gamer, not a big deal but this may be an issue for others.

When plugging in the other USB cable, Vista found a “generic USB hub” but it still worked without issue.

The Cryo LX moves a serious amount of air. I raised the notebook from the cooler, and even at low speed, I felt air on my face from two feet away. At high speed I had the sensation of looking into an air conditioner. So we're talking about a cooler that will not only blow air towards your notebook fan vents, but will actually cool the notebook case. Pretty important stuff with a high-performance gaming notebook.

After an hour of sitting on the Cryo LX, the bottom of the notebook was quite cool instead of being pretty warm as usual.

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