NZXT Cryo LX Aluminum Notebook Cooler
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 02-06-2008
A Closer Look

This isn't something you'd expect to see under the notebook of some guy in a dress shirt and tie sitting next to you on a plane, or of someone in a business suit at Starbucks. More likely, you'd see this under an Alienware gaming laptop at a LAN party. I have no problem believing this is something from NZXT. It is rugged and has a very aggressive looks (for a notebook cooler). It is constructed entirely of heavy aluminum in a brushed anodized black finish. They have another model in silver with black trim.

From the NZXT website: “Designed to host the hottest and most high performing notebooks, the Cryo LX fits a 17" widescreen notebook perfectly and supports a 15" widescreen notebook with room to spare. The NZXT Cryo is perfect for popular notebooks such as the Apple© 17-inch MacBook Pro or Dell© XPS Series.”

The cooler folds, taking about 4 ¼” from the total size for easier carrying. When folded, it is just over 2 1/4” thick. When on a table, it raises the notebook just over 2” to help prevent eyestrain.

Cooling vents run nearly the entire length of the Cryo LX. The notebook sits on raised rubber vented panels. The rubber is pretty hard, but just soft enough to keep the notebook from sliding. These rubber panels raise the notebook about ¼” above the surface of the cooler, allowing air to blow on the entire rear of the notebook.

The NZXT logo is embossed into the rubber on the lower right side of the cooler.

Looking at the rear of the Cryo LX, we see that there are three 120mm fans. They are shielded front and back by a modder's mesh cage and connected to a 4-pin PWM fan connector.

There are six rubber feet on the cooler to keep it from sliding across the desk surface. They are well attached to the cooler.

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