Cresyn C750E In-Ear Earphones
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 04-22-2009
Provided by: Moneual Labs
Usage and Conclusion

I tried all three different ear tips but elected to use the smallest ones as they felt the most comfortable. The earphones feel right at home in your ear but they will take some time to get used to if you are new to the in-ear style.

Audio quality was very good but I found that I needed to adjust the equalizer when running the earphones on my computer via a Creative X-Fi sound card. The highs were a bit much for me and I also added a touch more bass. Once adjusted, however, the earphones sounded great - leaps and bounds above my Creative and Apple earbuds. While the bass isn't going to be as pronounced as a traditional set of headphones might be, it was very respectable for the tiny earbuds.

Since the audio is channeled directly into your ear canal, I found that I didn't have to turn the volume up on my audio device nearly as much as I would with traditional headphones. I never really considered using the volume limit on my iPhone before as even at max volume, it was tolerable. But when using these earphones, I actually enabled this feature so I wouldn't accidentally max out the volume and cause pain or damage to my eardrums. Yes, they get very loud!

Another concern I found when using these in-ear earphones is that they seemed to create a suction when inserted. I was extra careful to slowly remove them as a quick removal might not be too comfortable. But this is likely going to be a concern with any in-ear earphone so it comes with the territory.


Cresyn has done a nice job with the C750E In-Ear Earphones. Aside from some small equalizer tweaking, the sound quality was very good on my PC - better than I expected from such a small speaker. The same can be said for use with my iPhone. Three different ear tips are provided so odds are, one will fit you just right. For me, that was the smallest size, which provided a perfect fit. Even after hours of use, there was no discomfort at all, something that is pretty common with traditional earbuds and poorly designed headphones.

The inline slider bar is a simple but nice touch, as is the shirt clip. A gold-plated plug provides for the best possible connection to your audio device and the included carrying bag will make transportation very convenient.

Unlike traditional earbuds or headphones, in-ear earphones fit directly into your ear canal and are very lightweight so you can use then in a variety of different situations, such as during exercise and while wearing a baseball cap. The earphones stayed put while in use, even when thrashing about and trying to dislodge them.

As of writing, the Cresyn C750E In-Ear Earphones retail for $99 at a popular online retailer. This may seem like a lot for some earphones, but if you are serious about your music and want something that looks, feels and sounds great, these might be for you. has awarded the Cresyn C750E In-Ear Earphones our Seal of Approval.

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