Cresyn C750E In-Ear Earphones
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 04-22-2009
Provided by: Moneual Labs
Closer Look

Retail package contents include the earphones themselves with a pair of ear tips pre-attached, two additional sets of ear tips and a leather carrying bag.

Cable length is 3.94 feet with the majority of that being a single strand. There is a shirt clip on the single cable portion to help hold the wire in place. The cable then splits into two, one per earphone with an adjustable slider tab inline. The end of the cable is equipped with an angled gold-plated 3.5mm plug.

I snapped several photos of the earphones from multiple angles so you could get a good idea of how they are shaped. Each earphone is glossy black with the Cresyn name painted in white. There is a chrome accent that circles the earphone and a R/L insignia, also in white. The earphones may look a little weird, but then again, so is your ear canal.

As mentioned earlier, three different sizes of ear tips are provided. The ear tips are very small and could easily be lost, so be sure to keep the spares in a safe location. To remove the tip, simply grasp it and pull. I found it useful to also twist while pulling, as the tips fit snugly on the earphone. The same goes when putting on a different tip.

And there we have it. Continue ahead for my findings and conclusion!

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