CradlePoint Technology PHS300 WWAN Router
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 06-26-2008
Provided by: 3Gstore

The PHS300 does require that you activate your USB modem or phone prior to using it with the router. In the case of the UM150, this means the software must be installed on a machine and the modem installed, unless your provider has pre-activated your modem for you. Once this is done, the PHS300 is ready to go; simply plug in the modem, turn the unit on and you're ready to connect with your 802.11b/g client. Unless you don't mind just anyone sharing your internet connection, it is recommended that you set up some basic security on the router.

DHCP is enabled by default and the laptop grabs an IP address in the range. When you open your browser, you are automatically redirected to the CradlePoint logon screen. The default password is the last six characters of the unit's MAC address, found on a sticker on the bottom of the case. After logging in, users are greeted with the unit Status, showing that the WWAN is already connected and has IP information from the wireless provider. CradlePoint does recommend using the Basic setup wizard to step you through changing the default password and setting the WWAN and WLAN configuration, however more savvy users can opt to set up everything manually.

The Advanced section offers firewall options for port mapping, forwarding, routing and other special needs. Depending on how you plan to use the PHS300, you may or may not have to ever use this. The Tools are useful for testing connectivity and managing the device, including upgrading firmware, setting system time, etc. Although 3Gstore included the latest firmware on CD, it was already loaded on the PHS300 and did not require updating. The last section is for user Help, and includes a ton of information available right through the router interface on each setup screen and option.

Let's wrap things up with some general use and conclusion.

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