Cougar 700M and Speed Gaming Mouse and Pad
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 09-22-2014
Provided by: Cougar
700M Gaming Mouse

The Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse is available in two different color options: the high-contrast Silver/Orange and the Black/Silver that they sent over for review. If you're not crazy about the 700M looks, Cougar also offers a more traditional style gaming mouse, the 200M. But for those who want the best features and highest amount of customization, the 700M is the ticket.

Featuring an 8200DPI ADNS-9800 laser gaming sensor with a 1000Hz/1ms polling rate, the 700M is quick enough to handle any gaming needs. With the 512Kb of onboard memory, any customizations programmed into the mouse can be taken on the road without having to download special software for your saved features to function. And with the adjustable palm rest and weight module, the 700M is sure to fit the hand of most any gamer.

The Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse comes with adjustable weights consisting of four 4.5g units that can be added to the standard 110g base weight to achieve nearly 130g of total operational weight. There are also two different sized interchangeable palm rests that are fully adjustable for height to customize the feel of the 700M. The braided USB cable is 1.8m or nearly six feet in length. The included manual describes how to install and setup the software with some additional high-contrast stickers included to paste on your case or other peripherals.

Let's take a closer look at the Speed Large Mouse Pad.

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