Corsair Hydro H70 Liquid CPU Cooler
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 03-08-2011
Provided by: Corsair

A little over a year ago Zahn put the Corsair Hydro H50 Liquid CPU Cooler through the paces and awarded it our Silver Seal of Approval based on its performance, price and installation procedure. Corsair has since followed up on the original design with the release of the H70 which we will be taking a look at here today. The H70 features a lower profile water block / pump assembly, a thicker radiator and dual cooling fans, among other changes. These improvements sound great in theory but will they translate to real-world performance?

The H70 arrived in the retail box shown above with a large graphic of the water block / pump assembly on the front and a detailed description on the back in multiple languages. Below is a list of features and specifications borrowed from Corsair's website.


     * Pre-filled, closed-loop system is easy to install
     * Copper CPU cooling plate for maximum cooling performance
     * Integrated pump and reservoir is sealed for zero maintenance and improved leakage protection
     * Large, double-thick 120mm radiator for outstanding heat dissipation
     * High-performance, twin 120mm fans offer outrageous airflow in push-pull configuration
     * Included step-down adapters let you customize your fan speed for low noise or high performance.    


     * Warranty - Two years
     * Cold Plate Material - Copper
     * Fan Specifications - 120mm, selectable 2000 RPM or 1600 RPM
     * Socket Support - AMD AM2, AM3, Intel LGA 1155, 1156, 1366, 775
     * Radiator Material - Aluminum
     * Tubing - Low-permeability for near-zero evaporation

Let's move ahead and take a closer look at the Corsair Hydro H70 Liquid CPU Cooler.

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