Corsair H50 Hydro Series Liquid CPU Cooler
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-24-2009
Provided by: Corsair

I will be installing the H50 on one of my AMD systems, so the AM2/+/3 backing plate is required. Both the Intel and AMD brackets are plastic with holes for the threaded metal inserts. Only one set of four inserts is provided, so if the kit is transferred from an Intel system to AMD, or vice-versa, they will have to be removed and reinstalled on the other bracket.

The mounting collar also requires some assembly before installation. The metal ring requires these plastic standoffs to be snapped into the four corners and then special screws inserted. These screws have threads only at the end of the shaft, the rest is smooth. Again, if you were to transfer the system between Intel and AMD at some point, this would all need to be switched around. This seems a bit overly complex and unnecessary - why not simply design the brackets with everything integrated and ready to use?

Changing out the backing plate is the most time consuming task of the installation; everything else goes smoothly. Corsair does recommend that the fan be installed such that it is drawing air from outside the case and blowing over the radiator, which is opposite the direction that most rear case fans are setup to do. But as I found out later in testing it does seem to make a difference, of at least several degrees Celsius anyway. Other than that and the slightly stiff tubing there were really no other problems encountered during installation.

Continue ahead as we put the Corsair H50 through its paces.

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