Sunbeamtech Core Contact Freeze HSF
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 05-16-2008
Provided by: Sunbeamtech
Closer Look

The Direct Contact Heat Pipes are the center of attention on this style cooler. There are four heat pipes, and unlike conventional coolers, they come into contact with the CPU Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) directly.

Unlike some of the Direct contact coolers I have seen, the Sunbeamtech cooler has a nice polish to it. During the razor blade test where I run a razor blade across the base, it was extremely flat. While there are four heat pipes, they run across the sink and appear as eight protrusions from the top of the heatsink.

Taking a look at the assembled Core-Contact Freezer, you'll see Sunbeamtech's take on a hold down mechanism. They've chosen a clip type system that features an easy install. After mounting the retaining bracket, make sure to put a thin coat of thermal paste across the bottom of the heatsink. I used a plastic bag stretched over my finger. Don't use too much, but use enough to fill any gaps between the heat pipes and metal in between them.

Don't rely on the grain of rice and squash it with the CPU cooler method on this type of heatsink. It's been tested extensively both by me and others and it doesn't produce reliable results. After spreading the TIM across the base of the sink, spread another thin layer across the CPU and you're ready to mount.

Here's a closer look at the business end of the Core-Contact Freezer. You can clearly see the retention bracket and smooth flat surface of the base. The edges and metal in between the pipes is where you should concentrate on packing the TIM.

For visual comparison purposes, I put the Core-Contact Freezer next to a Thermalright Ultra 120 which I keep around for testing. You can see the Core Contact cooler is as tall as the TRUE and a decent amount thicker. The major difference is the TRUE isn't a Direct contact CPU cooler.

The fins on the Core-Contact Freezer are made of aluminum and are more flimsy than the TRUE so you'll need to exercise a little care when it comes to the install. The Core-Contact Freezer is strictly a single fan sink, while the TRUE can be used in Push / Pull if desired.

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