Sunbeamtech Core Contact Freeze HSF
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 05-16-2008
Provided by: Sunbeamtech
Packaging / Fan

Packed in with the Core-Contact Freezer, you'll find a retention bracket for the Intel LGA 775 socket. One nice touch is that you won't have to remove the motherboard to install the bracket. A gentle push and the pegs are through the mounting holes, then insert the four included buckles and the mounting platform is ready. That earns a lot of points with me. If you're on AM2, you should already have a compatible bracket on your board.

You'll also find a fan controller and screw to attach it to a PCI slot. It's a nice addition but the fan included with the CPU Cooler runs at 16 20 dBA and you really don't need it because the fan operates whisper quiet.

You will of course find the Core-Contact Freezer itself, and a set of mounting wires. The mounting wires are used to mount the fan before the install. If you go that route, you might have to re-mount the fan after the install as they tend to come off easily during handling.

The instructions say there are a couple of bolts in the pack, designated 2pcs CR-TF-6 - those were nowhere to be found but weren't needed for the install and look like thumb screws for the back of the case more than any thing.

It's a 12 volt, Magnetic Fluid Dynamic Bearing 120mm fan that draws .16 amps from the CPU fan header on your motherboard. It spins at between 1000 2000 RPM and pushed 90.65 CFM at max settings. The AMBF (Average Mean Time Between Failure) is 50,000 hours.

I was rather surprised the fan didn't really have a quality feel to it but operated flawlessly and as stated, was whisper quiet.

A nice surprise I found in the bundle was the Tuniq TX-2 TIM (Thermal Interface Material). Tossing in a syringe of their best CPU Grease impressed me. It's a trend I've been seeing more often. In the past, a lot of companies toss in some generic TIM of questionable origin and even more questionable quality.

Adding their top of the line Tuniq TX-2 earned them a few brownie points and will help to keep the cost of using the Core-Contact Freezer down as you won't have to go out and purchase a high quality TIM to make the best use of your new acquisition.

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