CoolMax PSU Tester
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 05-19-2007
Provided by:
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Connecting the tester up to one of the power supplies I had lying around, it immediately powers on and the vivid display lights up. As you can see, the display is easily viewable in low-light conditions, but it is also sharp enough to be clearly seen even in bright light. With just the main 24 pin ATX connected the +12V2 gives an audible alert and flashes "LL" to indicate a low condition. After hooking up some of the other connectors the status LED's light up green and the second +12V rail registers.


The CoolMax power supply tester is a handy tool to have around. You can quickly and easily check the output of every rail of the power supply to ensure it falls within spec. Of course, the tester can only take readings while the power supply is under virtually no load, so for measuring the ability of a power supply to stand up to heavy abuse a multimeter is still required. But rather than rely on motherboard sensors to accurately report power supply outputs or when trying to quickly determine system faults the CoolMax power supply tester can be invaluable.

Thanks to for supplying us with this review sample. Feel free to check them out for all of your ATX Power Supply needs!

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