CoolIT Systems Eliminator
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 08-15-2007
Provided by: CoolIT Systems
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First Look

The Eliminator comes in a nice big box with specs and decals all over. Some of them seem pretty superfluous, like a graph comparing the Eliminator to competitors “1”, “2”, and “3,” but looks are looks. Packaging is very thorough to say the least, with the fitted Styrofoam padding keeping everything solidly in place; there's even a little cut-out for the manual.

Inside the box, there's the system itself, a very clear and thorough manual, and the various mounting systems. In the overview shot of the unit, you can see the Peltier devices between the radiator and each of the small reservoirs. It looks like a very thick application of white goop thermal grease with two electrical leads coming from the corners. There are three devices in total. Finally, the large black cylinder at the right end of the unit is the coolant pump.

It should be noted how well organized the whole system is. Each tube has anti-kink coiling, a metal bracket to ensure that the tube stays fixed in position, and is of the perfect length. There's no excess cabling and no mess, everything is well-thought-out and solidly in place. From the outside, this system looks very promising.

The waterblock comes protected with a plastic guard and coated in a nice thin layer of thermal grease. Lots of companies tend to glop on excessive grease, or provide it in a syringe. CoolIT took the extra step to pre-apply it, and they did a pretty good job of it too. According to the website, the block is constructed with copper, even though it doesn't quite look it. Also, on the far side of the unit is a fan controller so that you can choose between “targeting the heat” and “killing the noise.” At this angle, you can see how the cooler is powered: a 4-pin Molex lead. That's all, no 3 pin motherboard attachment necessary, no spaghetti wires leading all over the place. I don't know how they deal with motherboards that won't boot without a fan plugged into the CPU header, but I had no issues with that. You can also see some more of their great cable management skills, everything is exactly the right length and all taken care of. The Eliminator looks great so far, let's toss it in the computer and see how it does!

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