CoolIT Systems ECO A.L.C. Liquid Cooler
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 04-13-2010
Provided by: CoolIT

The ECO cooler ships packaged in a Styrofoam block with installation instructions and various mounting hardware. Since the system comes pre-assembled and pre-filled, there is little complexity in the design and it is nearly as easy to install as your average aftermarket air cooler. The block even comes with thermal paste pre-applied. It fits all the recent common socket types, Intel 775/1156/1366 and AMD AM2/+/3. Three different backing plates for Intel sockets are provided; AMD installations can use the existing factory plate, and a set of four screws are included to mount the 120mm fan and heat exchanger.

One thing glaringly absent from the box are the brackets needed for AMD installation. They are pictured in the manual as being included, however they seem to have been left out of the package. A quick email to support got a replacement set shipped out quickly. The fan and radiator combo should have no issues fitting into the rear exhaust location of most tower style cases on the market today. It is a standard size 120mm fan with 4-pin PWM connector, which when plugged into the CPU header on your motherboard can be controlled from the BIOS or through software in the OS. CoolIT rates this fan simply as "quiet" operation up to 1800 RPM maximum speed.

The attached heat exchanger is a low profile unit with outside dimensions not much larger than the 120mm fan itself. Simple in and out connections for the vinyl-covered metal tubing plus a sealed fill port make up the one end of the unit. The tubing construction leaves it somewhat stiff but resistant to kinking, while still being flexible enough to bend as needed during installation.

The combination copper micro-channel block and CFF1 ceramic bearing pump are designed for good performance with quiet operation and long life. The unit comes with Intel brackets pre-installed. These are adjustable to fit 775/1156/1366 sockets by sliding the threaded portion in or out as needed to line up with the mounting holes in your motherboard. The pump is driven by a standard 3-pin fan power connector that should be plugged into a +12v source. CoolIT does not recommend using a variable voltage input as this will affect the performance of the unit.

Next let's look at the installation procedure and testing.

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