CoolIT Domino Advanced Liquid Cooling CPU Cooler
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-21-2009
Provided by: CoolIT Systems
First Looks

The Domino ALC arrives in some fitted plastic casing with minimal foam packing strips. This should be protection enough for shipping and is a refreshing step down from their extravagant use of Styrofoam on previously released products. Along with the Domino arrives an illustrated user's manual, three back-plates (LGA 775 in plastic, LGA 1366 in metal, and AMD in metal), and the necessary screws and washers.

The Domino ALC is a very compact, well organized unit. Around back, we see the 120mm exhaust fan designed to pull air through the radiator, equipped with rubber anti-vibration plugs. This fan will replace your rear 120mm exhaust case-fan. Looking at the inside of the unit, we find the pump on the left, where the tubing enters the unit and the radiator on the right, where the tubing leaves the unit towards the water block. Unlike on previous CoolIT products where the fill-port is hidden, there is a factory sealed hole provided for leaking/refreshing coolant should this ever be necessary. The side of the unit is home to a small LCD which provides information about pump and fan speeds, as well as coolant temperature.

Here we get some closer looks at the components of the Domino. The 21dBA pump is small and inset into the side piece of the unit, under the back of the LCD. We also see the rubber plugs used for mounting the fan. These are meant for stationary use, so if you will be LANing or otherwise moving your rig around a lot, you will want to use the included screws instead. The water block comes with a pre-applied layer of thermal paste, which, as expected, is much thicker than it should be.

Now that we've had a look at the unit itself, continue on for installation and testing…

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