OtterBox Commuter / TL Cases for iPhone 3G / 3GS
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Airica Jones
Date: 12-11-2009
Provided by: OtterBox
Commuter TL First Look

First up is the Commuter TL series. The retail package includes an instruction manual, case and a clear screen cover with installation kit that includes instructions, a cleaning cloth and an installation card similar to a credit card used to remove bubbles.

Here we have a good look at the front and back of the Commuter TL. As you can see, the phone simply slides into the silicon skin and is further protected by the translucent plastic shell that clips around the back of the silicon case adding extra support. There are holes cut out of the silicon for the Apple logo and camera lens. The textured plastic shell has the OtterBox name printed near the bottom.

The two photos here give us a good look at the special textured coating along the inner sides of the silicon case. This is designed to give the Commuter TL added shock protection should you happen to drop your iPhone. The outer edges are also textured to give the user a solid grip when using the phone. We can also see that there is a cutout for the silent switch and the volume up / down buttons are covered with silicon buttons which add protection while still allowing you to use them.

More just ahead.

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