Cooler Master V10 Hybrid TEC CPU Cooler
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 02-04-2009
Provided by: Cooler Master

A base plate must be attached to the V10, depending on which CPU socket it will be installed on. In this case, I'll be using it on my AMD X4 Phenom 9850, so the AM2 bracket is used. Notice that holes are drilled in the bracket on both sides of the plate, so that it can be aligned whichever way best suits the layout of the motherboard and will fit within the confines of the case. With a cooler the size of the V10 this is very important. Also due to its immense weight of 1200g, I found it easier to set the V10 on a desk upside down, and install the motherboard onto the cooler, rather than the other way around. A special metal backing plate is included as are hex nuts to tighten it down. Cooler Master has used this mounting configuration on some of their other coolers, the V8 for one, as well as the Sphere, both previously reviewed here at

With everything tightened down and the motherboard reinstalled, we begin to get an idea of just how huge this cooler is. I did not run into any clearance issues with other components immediately surrounding the CPU socket. In many cases the extra side wing will overhang the memory slots and provide extra cooling for those, although in my case this was not possible.

Unfortunately due to my particular board, a Biostar TForce 8200 A2+ and the case I'm currently using, the Mountain Mods H2g0, there was only one orientation in which the V10 would fit. Even so I was unable to reinstall either the front or top panels due to the size of the V10. I'd highly recommend having a full tower case for this cooler. As it was, because of the aftermarket cooling I am using on my GTX 260 video card, reinstallation of it was not possible either, and I had to resort to using the onboard graphics for the duration of the testing.

The V10 fans use red LEDs that give off a faint light barely visible with the lights off. Although it is easily overpowered by brighter colors, such as blue or green, the red does give the V10 a somewhat sinister appearance.

Now let's run some tests and wrap up this review.

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