Cooler Master Storm Sniper Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 02-16-2009
Provided by: Cooler Master

The left side panel houses mounting holes for different fan options, either one large 200mm fan or two 120mm ones. All are optional and up to the end user to choose. Although at first glance both sides and the main chassis may appear to be aluminum, the interior panels are in fact steel, but seem to have a galvanized finish instead of the typical painted dull grey. They're also made rather thin, presumably to cut down on weight, and the rolled edges and all those raised sections help give the frame extra strength. The Sniper certainly does not feel as heavy as you might expect from its size, coming in at only around 23 pounds.

The bottom of the case has ventilation for the power supply fan to draw air in from under the case. The riser slots are tool-less and the filler plates are vented also. Towards the top, the exhaust fan is an included 120mm non-LED unit. The motherboard tray is covered with a removable label to indicate which threaded holes are to be used for each board layout. A large opening in the tray is labeled for CPU cooler replacement, and allows access to the underside of the motherboard to replace the backing plate without actually removing the board from the tray. Since many aftermarket CPU coolers do require a backing plate change, this can be a great time saver!

If the power supply is not too long, a second fan location can be used for additional intake. This location will accept a 140mm or 120mm fan and comes with a filter built-in. The hard drive cage holds five quick-change drive trays. Similar to a hot-swap cage, but without the drive connectors at the rear, these trays make swapping drives in and out a breeze. A front-mounted 200mm LED fan takes care of cooling for the drives. Above the hard drive cage are the five 5" external bays. These utilize Cooler Master's tool-less, push-button drive locks that were made popular on the Cosmos and HAF cases.

The top of the Sniper houses another 200mm LED fan, and is also ready to accept two 120mm fans in its place. This is ideal to mount a 2x120mm radiator for those who use liquid cooling. The back side reveals the CPU socket access hole as well as two other openings in the motherboard tray for cable routing. Additionally, the leading edge of the tray is also completely open and is slotted for cable management ties. All edges are carefully rolled to prevent cuts and scrapes to wires and hands!

The front panel bay fillers all use the same mesh as found elsewhere in the case, and the bottom blank contains a 3" to 5" adapter for a floppy or other external drive. The blanks pop out easily with tabs on either side. Included with the case is a healthy set of mounting hardware, some replacement standard rubber pedestal feet and a set of 3" to 5" bay adapter rails.

Let's get some hardware installed in this thing.

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