Cooler Master Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse
Author: Connan Schafstall
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 09-15-2009
Provided by: Cooler Master

Two years of research and development is an eternity in the world of computer hardware. The Cooler Master Storm team seems to have made good use of this time. The number one feature of this mouse is the dual-lasers which allow for mousing advancements that before were unheard of. Not only are these lasers capable of 5600DPI, the X and Y axis can be programmed separately. Imagine the advantages this offers to someone utilizing two or more monitors for widescreen gaming. The ability to calibrate left and right sensitivity to twice that of the up/down axis. Not only does having twin-lasers open up tweaking possibilities, they act to give the user more stable and accurate tracking using a Doppler Effect rather than traditional predictive tracking.

The effect is loss-less mousing on a variety of surfaces, at any DPI, 1000Hz Polling for a response time of 1ms and a max speed of 235 inches per second at an acceleration of 50Gs. Another feature that really stood out for me was the on-board Sentinel X microprocessor and 64kb of memory. This allows for all of your macros, scripts, and custom user profiles to be stored on the mouse, allowing for true plug-and-play functionality on any PC instantly without the hassle of tweaking your profiles.

The Sentinel Advance has an OLED screen incorporated into the top of the mouse body just behind the DPI switches. I have never seen much use for an OLED display on a mouse, but this one allows you to load your own .bmp images to display. Along with the 8-color "Octoshade" programmable LEDs, this makes the CM Storm Sentinel Advance a modder's delight. When have you ever heard of a security system for your mouse?

Included in the box is the Stormguard Security System. A burly metal bracket that you feed your mouse cable through and mount to one of your expansion bays on your case. If someone wants to steal your mouse, they will have to take the case too. Kinda tricky to pull-off at a LAN party eh?

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