Cooler Master Real Power Pro 750W
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 03-05-2008
Provided by: Cooler Master

Detailed specifications on the Real Power Pro 750W show that it is a quad +12v rail design with 19A max load on each rail. Combined +12v power is limited to 648W continuous or about 54A total. Along with equal 25A outputs from the +3.3v and +5v and an oversized 3.5A +5vSB, the RPP 750W has a maximum peak rating of 900W. And all this with a claimed 17dBA noise level at <50% load. At this amount of draw, the internal 120mm fan is only turning at 600rpm, hence the low sound rating. By the time a 90% load is reached, the fan will be spinning at 2000rpm now, and rated for 28dBA which is still not a large amount of noise.

The contents of the package are sparse, consisting of only the power supply itself, a user manual, four screws and a power cord. The manual is well-written and contains diagrams of all the connector pinouts. The finish on the case is a deep, glossy black with matching black nylon wrap on the cables and black connectors. Heat shrink tubing has been used to finish the ends and the PCIe cables utilize a bead core filter to reduce any EMI interference. Each of the PCIe cables have both 6 and 8-pin connectors inline. The rear of the case utilizes a wide open mesh panel for optimum cooling.

The fan is a typical 120mm unit with the Cooler Master logo in the center of the grill. The bundled cables include one 24-pin ATX, one 4-pin and one 8-pin +12v aux connectors, two 6-pin and two 8-pin PCIe connectors, five 4-pin molex and one 4-pin floppy connectors and six SATA connectors. That doesn't give you a whole lot of power connections for optical drives and fans, so if you're still using IDE hard drives you could come up short. It is nice to see six SATA connectors though.

The labeled UL number 131875 indicates that the Real Power Pro 750W is actually manufactured by AcBel Polytech Inc. While I was not familiar with AcBel previously, a little research indicates that they have been making power supplies since 1983 and produce versions for Asus and Cooler Master. On the rear of the power supply, a red warning indicator LED will light if the unit senses a fault condition such as overvolt, overload, overtemp, short, etc. as well as a on/off power switch.

Let's move ahead to testing.

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