Cooler Master NotePal U2 Notebook Stand
Author: Carl Bloor
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 07-10-2010
Provided by: Cooler Master
First Look

The NotePal U2's design is pretty basic; essentially it's an "L" with a lip for a foot. This can be seen clearly from the profile view above. Its construction as mentioned earlier is of a high grade aluminum which has been perforated with small round holes, brushed and then anodized black to provide the resulting dark surface.

A large rubber anti-slip pad spans the bottom edge of the Notepal. There are also smaller rectangular anti-slip pads in each top corner / on the bottom to act as feet. These can slip on and off easily if desired.

The surface measures 13.5" wide by 10.5" deep and stands 2.3" high. These dimensions raise a bit of concern as Cooler Master claims the U2 supports notebooks ranging from 14" up to 17" in size. While the stand may physically hold a 17" notebook, it will of course hang off the edges and perhaps not provide the best support.

The NotePal U2 comes equipped with a pair of 80mm low profile fans measuring only 10mm thick. They also have a grill on the intake side to prevent injury from the fan blades. The unique advantage this unit has over many competitors is the ability to move the fans to a more advantageous position like under an inlet vent or where a hot hard drive sits. Worth considering is that many notebook manufacturers pay little to the cooling of the hard drive which can significantly shorten its lifespan. The ability to cool this area of the notebook could increase its life.

Here we can also see the security belt that is designed to help hold your notebook on the stand.

The fans are housed in brackets with a button on one side and four small round pins that protrude from the non-grill side. Two of these are static and the other two are spring-loaded. These clip into and out of place by pushing the button, making reposition very easy.

The fans are powered by the USB port of the notebook. Power draw is minimal given their extremely low speed and noise output. The USB plug is a pass-through type which provides a USB port on its outer edge so you don't forfeit the use of a port when the fans are plugged in.

Let's move ahead and put the NotePal to the test.

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