Cooler Master NotePal U2 Notebook Stand
Author: Carl Bloor
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 07-10-2010
Provided by: Cooler Master

Since laptops first became available and for the most part portable, many have suffered unduly short lives from improper use on airflow restrictive surfaces like ones lap, bed and sofa. This brought about a need for something to put the computer on, and the market deciding to change the name from laptop to notebook, though this didn't catch on in Europe much. As notebooks around the world became more capable, so too did their care requirements. Leaving a high performance notebook on a plush sofa or bed could easily cause harm as the unit fails to dissipate its thermal output, thus shortening the lives of notebooks worldwide. This is where the need for notebook coolers / stands originated. Some stands however are not exactly portable or discrete and can't be taken to the library with your notebook for example. Enter the NotePal U2.

The NotePal U2 is a USB powered notebook stand / cooler with dual fans designed to keep your notebook cool during operation. Its aluminum construction keeps it light but strong enough to bare the weight of your computer. The perforated design ensures good ventilation throughout.

The package contents are almost exactly as you see from the outside with two additions to the easily visible stand itself: the fans with USB plug-in and the security belt folded up neatly with the embroidered Cooler Master tag.

Below is a list of specifications borrowed from Cooler Master's website.

Continue ahead as we take a closer look at the Cooler Master Notepal U2.

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