Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 04-02-2010
Provided by: Cooler Master
First Looks

The Hyper 212 Plus arrives packed in a typical purple and white Cooler Master box. The front showcases a preview of what's inside; features and specifications decorate the sides and back. Inside, we find the cooler protected by a fitted plastic housing, safely separated from its accessories. In all, the bundle includes: the cooler itself, warranty and instructional papers, hardware for installing an extra fan, thermal paste, and all necessary mounting hardware.

First impressions of the Hyper 212 Plus reveal a classic tower design. Aluminum fins dissipate heat from the four copper heatpipes. A 120mm fan comes standard, attached via the same plastic clip system we saw recently on the Hyper TX3. The layout of the cooler is symmetrical, allowing for an optional second fan to be attached using the aforementioned clip system.

Following recent market trends, the Hyper 212 Plus utilizes heatpipe direct touch (HDT) “technology.” As you can tell from the picture above, HDT bases typically have a rough finish with visible lines from the machining process. Some manufacturers claim this to be a feature, citing increased surface area, but I'll let you decide on that one.

Now that we've had a chance to look at the layout of the Hyper 212 Plus, let's go ahead and install it.

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