Cooler Master AMD Limited Edition HAF 932
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 12-21-2009
Provided by: Cooler Master

On the inside, the AMD LE looks nearly identical to a standard HAF 932. The accessory bundle is similar as well, including a manual, caster wheels which can be mounted in place of the pedestal feet, an 8-pin +12v power extension cable, a 3" to 5" bay adapter plate and a bag full of screws and other miscellaneous mounting hardware.

A 2-piece raised panel is attached to the bottom of the case to give support to a bottom-mount power supply. This can be removed if the power supply is moved up top, to allow installation of two 120mm fans instead. The riser slots have mesh cover plates and tool-less plastic snap locks to hold cards in place. Up top is a plain black 140mm rear exhaust fan and a clear 230mm red LED fan above that. The motherboard tray comes with an instruction sheet taped to it that provides labeling for the various screw holes.

Up front are five 3" hard drive trays that easily slide out perpendicular to the case and have rubber isolated pins to hold drives in place. In front of the cage is a second 230mm red LED fan serving as intake. At the top are the six 5" drive bays, complete with push-button drive locks. The bottom bay holds a 3" to 5" adapter in case you need to mount a floppy or other 3" drive externally.

A large hole in the motherboard tray allows easy access to the CPU socket backing plate which is nice for changing out coolers without having to unmount the board. Several other slots give plenty of room for running wires out of sight and slits in the tray allow for cable management ties. If access to the front intake fan is needed, the lower grill portion of the bezel snaps out, revealing the mounting screws.

Next let's install some hardware into the AMD LE.

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