Cooler Master AMD Limited Edition HAF 932
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 12-21-2009
Provided by: Cooler Master

The primary changes made to the AMD LE are cosmetic, beginning with a bright red molded plastic front bezel and red-trimmed drive bay mesh covers. Instead of the Cooler Master logo displayed in the front grill we get an oversize AMD Phenom II X4 case badge and a full length side panel window complete with AMD Dragon Fusion graphic screened on the inside of the acrylic. The rest of the case is pure, unaltered HAF 932.

From the rear the AMD LE looks nearly the same as your typical HAF 932, with standard ATX style format layout and bottom-mounted power supply. A blank screw-in panel at the top offers room for a top-mounted power supply, or pre-cut holes with rubber grommets for liquid cooling tubing. The back side panel uses the same stamped pattern raised section and louvered front bottom vents.

The top panel features open mesh with either a single 230mm fan as included, or mounting for dual 120mm fans plus a third hidden 120mm fan. The raised front section has a rubber bottom lined tray that hides a fill hole for a bay mounted reservoir. The power and reset switches are built into the top of this section, and on the front are quad USB, Firewire, eSATA and headphone/microphone audio jacks as well as the power and hard drive activity LEDs.

In addition to being printed on the top section of the bezel, Cooler Master puts their name onto one of the mesh bay covers. Rather than their logo adorning the lower intake grill, we find the raised AMD Phenom II X4 badge. The bottom of the case holds room for two more 120mm fans or an intake for a bottom-mounted power supply. Four metal-trimmed pedestal feet raise the case up off the floor sufficiently to allow unrestricted airflow, even on carpet.

The AMD Dragon Fusion graphic screened onto the side panel window is very detailed yet still translucent enough to allow a see-through effect. It is printed on the inside of the acrylic which should help protect it from being scratched, at least while the panel is in place. The window is held on with standard type plastic pushpins, three of which had broken off caps as received. There was no damage to the box so I don't believe this happened during shipping. But it should be an easy enough matter to simply replace those with three new plastic pins.

Continue ahead as we check out the interior.

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