Cooler Master HAF 932 Full Tower Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 10-02-2008
Provided by: Cooler Master

The reverse of the side panel shows the large 230mm fan complete with chrome grill which is nice if you're in the habit of removing it while the computer is still on. There is plenty of room inside the HAF for a full size ATX or even a server board, with space both above and below the centrally-located motherboard tray.

At the bottom of the case we find holes to mount up to two additional 120mm fans, although using more than one will require removing the power supply support and most likely preclude mounting the PSU here. Depending on the depth of the unit it may not be possible to make use of either of the spots. The whole black mesh theme used throughout the case is carried through to the riser slot blanks, which feature a tool-less latch to lock in place. The upper portion displays the rear 140mm exhaust fan and upper mounting location for the power supply. There is also the top 230mm exhaust fan which will require removal to mount the PSU here.

The front of the case reveals Cooler Master's unique tool-less system which utilizes a single push-button locking mechanism to hold drives in the bays. A 3" to 5" bay adapter is located in the bottom slot. The bundle of wires coming from the top-mounted I/O panel can be routed around behind the motherboard tray through one of the available openings. The hard drive cage at the bottom of the case holds five quick-release drive trays featuring anti-vibration rubber inserts. All of the drive positions are amply cooled by yet another huge 230mm fan, this one featuring red LEDs.

The back side of the case reveals just how many access holes are available surrounding the motherboard along the top, front side and bottom. There are also numerous places to attach zip ties for cable management. The included accessory box includes an extension for the 8-pin motherboard power cable, a set of caster wheels that can be bolted to the case bottom, a 3" to 5" front panel plate and a huge amount of screws and ties, probably more than you will ever need with this case.

Let's get started installing some hardware.

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