Cooler Master HAF 932 Full Tower Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 10-02-2008
Provided by: Cooler Master

As mentioned, the HAF features a high airflow front mesh panel that covers the case from top to bottom. Additional large venting is found on the side, top and rear. The 932 is available in black only, and the finish is highly textured and feels very durable. The overall design is decidedly industrial-looking, with the raised sections on the panels and cross hatching on the side window. There are no curves or rounded edges to be found here.

All of the front panel controls can be found at the uppermost section of the 932, with the power and reset buttons located on the top surface and I/O ports in the first adjacent front bay. These include four USB ports, one firewire, one eSATA and microphone/headphone jacks. Power and drive activity LEDs are also placed here. The mesh bay fillers can be easily removed without pulling out the entire front bezel, each simply snaps out by pressing tabs on either side. There are steel knock-outs behind every one, however that will require cutting or bending to remove. These of course cannot be reattached once taken out.

Behind the top buttons is a small tray section that could be useful for storing small loose items. It has a rubber bottom that can be removed to reveal a fill hole. This is designed to allow water to be added to a bay-mounted reservoir, such as Cooler Master's Aquagate products, without removing it from the case first. The rear two-thirds of the top panel is used for venting, with a large 230mm fan placed here for exhaust. The piece could also fit two 120mm fans instead and would be a great location for a double-sized radiator.

The bottom features large round pedestal feet similar to those found on stereo and home video components. Like the top panel, the side comes outfitted with a large 230mm fan, but has the capability to house four standard 120mm fans instead. This is ideal in the event it comes time to replace it or the user wants to substitute their own fans in its place.

Let's move on to the interior of the HAF 932.

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