Cooler Master NotePal ErgoStand
Author: Jakob Barnard
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 06-10-2010
Provided by: Cooler Master

I will be using a Dell Latitude D603 running Windows XP with a Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM and an 80GB 5400rpm hard drive. For testing I used CPU Burn-in and SpeedFan, both freeware benchmarking apps. I checked the temperatures at 30 minute intervals and was somewhat surprised with the results. The notebook was sitting on the stand throughout the test, the only difference was if the fan was on or off. Fan speed on the cooler was set to full speed. Below are screenshots from SpeedFan:

No Fan


These shots were taken at exactly 30 minutes into the test. The CPU temperatures are virtually unaffected but the largest difference is in the hard drive temperature. We see that it is 6C cooler with the fan running at full speed. This does make some sense as the CPU sits on top of the motherboard so heat transfer is a bit more difficult from the underside. The hard drive is positioned on the bottom of the notebook under an access panel. I did note though that after load tests were complete, the machine did cool down much faster than without the ErgoStand. This is probably more reflective of actual use conditions than a full load temperature test.

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