Cooler Master Elite 371 Midtower Case
Author: Jakob Barnard
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 05-24-2011
Provided by: Cooler Master
First Look – Inside

Popping off the side of the case we see that the inside is unpainted. I really am a fan of painted cases, but in a case without a side window, it really isn’t a necessity. The side panel is ready for up to two additional 120mm fans. In the main compartment of the case we don’t find a whole lot in the way of frills, but this does seem to allow for a decent amount of room. Included were instructions and a bag of hardware. The hardware is on the traditional side with brass standoffs and assorted screws.

The retention clips for the hard drives and optical drives are basic, but great in their simplicity. The optical drive clip is just a simple slider that either locks or unlocks. The 3.5” clips push and turn to lock into place.

Popping off the front panel you can see that there is a filter mesh behind it to catch dust if you chose to mount a fan on the front. The 5.25” panels will need to be popped out when you install a drive there; a bit on the old school side, but it works.

It is time to put some hardware in the Cooler Master Elite 371.

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