Cooler Master Elite 371 Midtower Case
Author: Jakob Barnard
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 05-24-2011
Provided by: Cooler Master
First Look Outside

The Elite 371 came in the basic brown retail packaging from Cooler Master shown above. There is a simple depiction of the case on the front, specifications on the back, and just some basic information on the sides. Opening up the box we see the typical plastic bag and foam pieces protecting the case during transit.

Our first look at the Elite 371 shows a clean design without a lot of frills. The side panel however shows our first two optional 120mm fan slots. Taking a look at the front bezel we see three 5.25 bays and a single 3.5 bay. The bezel is comprised of a metal mesh that will allow airflow through relatively unrestricted. The front panel has two USB ports, a reset button, audio jacks, HDD activity light and a power button.

On the rear of the case we see that there is a 120mm exhaust fan included. There are seven expansion slots and a bottom mounted PSU opening as well. On the very top there are two holes which can be punched out to provide water cooling access. The other side simply features a solid black panel.

The bottom is comprised of a filtered PSU fan opening and an unfiltered optional 120mm fan slot. Rotating the case all the way over to take a look at the top, we see two additional 120mm fan slots. Remember the only fan that comes with the case is the rear 120mm exhaust fan. I would recommend at the very least purchasing an additional front 140mm or 120mm fan to increase the airflow. We will take a further look at that during the installation and conclusion sections of the review.

Next we will crack the case open and take a look inside.

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