Cooler Master Elite 360 Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 03-11-2009
Provided by: Cooler Master

The left side or top panel slides off to reveal the painted gray chassis, although all the painted panels are covered on the inside as well. The side panel is fairly well tweaked, possibly as a result of the damage to the box from shipping, although there are no marks to indicate it was hit on the outside. Oh well, once its in place it sits straight and flush.

The accessory pack includes all the mounting hardware and drive rails in addition to the user manual. Unfortunately the bag was ripped and there were screws scattered everywhere, even outside the case and in the cardboard shipping container. A few good shakes gets everything out of there. From the overall view of the case we see that a full size ATX board will fit this small case.

This is possible because like many slim desktop or HTPC cases, the power supply is mounted up front facing backwards, with an extension power cable to redirect the cord socket to the rear of the case. Since power supplies exhaust air out the rear normally, in this case it will be blowing out the front. To the left of the power supply we find the drive bays, one internal 3", one external 3" and two external 5".

At the rear of the case, positions to mount two 80mm exhaust fans (not included) are located above the motherboard I/O cutout. A large 120mm fan is also situated to pull exhaust out the side, or top, depending on which way you have it sitting. On the other side another opening for an 80mm fan can be setup to pull air in. All of the riser slots have knock-out blanks that are non-reusable.

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