Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 Case
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 02-05-2008
Provided by: Cooler Master
Usage and Conclusions

The build quality of the Cosmos is top notch, which is what you expect to see from such an expensive case. Everything has a fitted and well weighted feel; even the front door is of higher quality than the main body of most cases. Its design is of similar caliber, providing sleek looks without a loss of functionality. I was particularly impressed by the doors, which have an unprecedented and solid mechanism.

Cooler Master's main goal with the Cosmos was silence and they achieved it with flying colors. They definitely went to great lengths to ensure quiet performance, with foam and rubber in all corners of the case, and it paid off well. At first, there was a lot of noise from the rear of the case with the CoolIT Eliminator's fan pushing so much air, but with a different cooler the entire case was inaudible.

Silent operation does come at a price, though. The cooling in this case was less than perfect, but only unacceptably so at the hard-drives. Because the mesh in the front was blocked by a sheet of metal by the hard-drive cage, hardly any air flows directly to the hard-drives, and disks that idled at 30C in other cases were running from 45-50C. Cooler Master admits fault here, though, and on their website they offer free brackets to those with hard-drive cooling issues.

Installation was also a little harder than I would have liked. Though the 5.25” mechanism is stellar and there is a standoff chart, installing hard-drives was a huge pain. With three disks, I had to unscrew the cage for each hard-drive, put four screws through the disk, slide it back in and screw it down… the process was a long one. Expansion cards were also difficult to install. Though the filter could be removed for easier access, the screws were still very hard to reach. A tool-less system would have been a really nice touch here. Also, though there are lots of different areas to allow for great cable management in this case, many cables can not be routed around the back of the case because they lie too thick against the foam and the door can no longer close. There is a lot of potential here, but cables like the 24 pin motherboard power cable are just too thick for that kind of routing.

In all, the Cosmos is a very solid case. It has a lot of great features, and among the best build quality. Though it has a hefty price tag at just under $200 USD at popular online resellers, it is well warranted with its great quality. Cooler Master did not get everything right, however, and will soon be releasing a second revision to this case called the Cosmos S, which should have a variety of new features and improvements over this Cosmos 1000. So, although the Cosmos 1000 is a great case, it's worth waiting on the Cosmos S, on which we will have a review in the weeks to come.

+ Silent
+ Excellent build quality
+ Spacious
+ Sleek looks

- Mediocre cooling
- Some rough spots in installation

Thank you to Cooler Master for providing this review sample.

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