Cooler Master CoolViva Pro
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 03-19-2007
Provided by: Cooler Master

Reinstallation of the video card into my system went smoothly, however as I suspected the large cooler does intrude into the adjacent PCI slots on my motherboard, not just one but two full spaces. It's a good thing that the fan is positioned far out at the end and slightly above the top edge of the card as this helps to keep it free from obstruction, in this case my SoundBlaster card, which I'm using in favor of the onboard sound. I connected the power cable to a fan controller in order to be able to adjust the speed, however I did not notice any difference in sound output from changing the RPMs and so I left it on maximum setting for testing. I also tested the CoolViva both with the vented riser plate installed and with a standard blank plate installed and recorded no difference in temperatures.

I used Aquamark3 to load test the video card during temperature testing and tried several different frequencies to see how the CoolViva performed at overclocked settings. nVidia monitor was used to record the core GPU chipset temperatures. I've compared the results of the CoolViva Pro with temps obtained on this card previously using both the stock cooler and a VF900-Cu. However as there was a 3 C temperature difference (we've had a bit of a heat wave here lately) the CoolViva temps have been corrected to reflect a 24 C ambient temp. Because of this, I feel certain the higher case temps contributed to the failure of the CoolViva to run at max clocks under load. Otherwise the CoolViva Pro performed right on par with the Zalman cooler, matching temp for temp across the board. Both coolers of course left the stock cooler in the dust.


Cooler Master has managed to release a video card heatsink that meets or exceeds expectations for an aftermarket cooler. The CoolViva Pro comes packaged with all the necessary hardware, is well designed, has great performance and low noise. It is a bit large, taking up two full adjacent slots, however if you've got room for it the cooler works well.

It's not clear on Cooler Master's website what cards the CoolViva Pro is compatible with, however the graphics chipsets mentioned in the installation instructions include the ATI X600, X700, X800, X1300, X1600, X1800 and X1900 as well as the nVidia Geforce 6200, 6600, 6800, 7600, 7800 and 7900 series. It is also mentioned that the Geforce 7950 is not included in the 7900 compatibility. This is a fairly respectable number of different platforms it will fit which is handy for those that want an aftermarket cooler they can carry over if they upgrade their card often.

According to sources, the CoolViva Pro will likely carry a recommended retail of $29.99 and after factoring in the discounted cost that many online vendors will offer, Cooler Master should have one sweet cooler at a bargain basement price. has awarded the Cooler Master CoolViva Pro our seal of approval.

Thanks to Cooler Master for providing the CoolViva for review.

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