Cooler Master Centurion 590 Mid-Tower
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 04-09-2008
Provided by: Cooler Master

As I mentioned before, the left side panel has places for two fans, any size from 80mm up to 140mm in size. The interior of the case is plain steel with the power supply mounted at the bottom.

The included "accessories" are comprised of a manual and a bag of mounting hardware and some zip ties. This is by far the most spartan kit to come with a case that I have ever seen. The manual is decent; not great, as there are not that many detailed descriptions, just mainly pictures.

There are rubber standoffs and a vented panel for the power supply if it has a bottom mounted fan to draw air in, although there isn't much room for airflow under the case. The riser slots have tool-less hold downs; this type is probably my favorite kind to use. You press down on the clip and then the whole thing rotates up 90. The rear mounted fan is another 120mm, but just plain black, no LEDs. Here we also see that the vented portion of the right side panel is carried through to the motherboard tray.

There are four holes where the fan could actually be mounted to the other side of the tray, or there are also these tabs in the bottom corners that are perfect for holding an 80mm fan, however then the top holes don't line up. Nothing is mentioned about this feature in the manual, although my guess is this would help to cool the under side of the CPU socket. Unfortunately there isn't enough room between the under side of the tray and the side panel for a standard 80 x 25mm case fan. You'd need probably a 15mm thick fan at most to put back there, and those aren't too common.

The front panel USB and audio wiring is long enough to reach to the far back corner, although the pin header cabling is not, but these are typically found towards the front of the board anyway. This is the first time I've seen tool-less drive clips designed like this. They actually fold up to slide the drive in place, then fold back down, aligning the pins in the mounting holes, and then sliding the locking clip in the center.

Let's get some hardware installed.

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