Cooler Master ARC Stand for Macbook and iPad
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 07-05-2012
Provided by: Cooler Master
ARC Stand

Inside the box is the ARC Stand itself and a small booklet with warranty information. With a product like this, there really isn't any need for an instruction manual.

The ARC Stand weighs in at 1.85 pounds, a bit heavier than I was anticipating but on second thought, this makes perfect sense as you'd want a solid and heavy base to prevent it from tipping over when holding your iDevice. And if the weight isn't already a hint, this is a very solid product. There's no flex of anything to speak of. The outer surface is black with a glossy surface, the bottom edge is lined with a chrome finish and the base and cutouts are lined with a grey rubber material.

The solid rubber base ensures the ARC will stay firmly planted wherever you put it. The Cooler Master name is printed in small letters across the "front" of the stand near the bottom - otherwise it's solid black.

Usage, findings and conclusion

I used the ARC primarily with my third generation iPad as a supplement to my existing triple monitor workstation. Using an app called Air Display, I am able to wirelessly turn the iPad into a fourth monitor for my computer. Here I am able to keep Spotify or Winamp open at full screen, saving real estate on my other monitors for work-related tasks.

The ARC works equally as well as a Macbook stand as you can see here with the new Macbook with Retina Display. The idea here is that you would situate the system in the stand to connect a larger monitor and external keyboard / mouse, perhaps for office use. Granted, with the incredible Retina display on this particular system, odds are you won't want to use a lower resolution screen.

The only issue I could see with the ARC Stand is if you were trying to use an iPad with the Smart Cover in place, especially in portrait mode as it might not fit properly. Cooler Master doesn't list the width of the slots but I'd imagine you could also use it with other branded tablets or notebooks with varying degrees of success.

The Cooler Master ARC Stand is currently available through Apple's online store for $59.99. That's a pretty hefty price to pay for a stand, but then again it is of the highest quality and will surely stand the test of time. awards the Cooler Master ARC Stand our Gold Seal of Approval!

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