Cirago 10GB External HDD
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 07-29-2007
Provided by: Cirago
First Look, Usage

The drive comes in your basic clamshell. On the back it lists the specifications shown on the previous page, as well as the contents included in your package, which are: the hard-drive pre-installed in the enclosure, a cheap pleather case, a USB cable, and a drivers CD for old operating systems. You'll notice that one end of the USB cable has an extra red connector, that's a pretty common design now used to supply power to the drive on USB 1.1 systems. USB 2.0 only requires a single-ended, regular USB cable.

The drive itself comes in a sleek aluminum casing. The enclosure has a very professional look and feel, and it is quite lightweight and strong. You can see the USB port and the two-tone activity LED on the front end, which lights green when ready and quasi-red during activity. There are screws on either side if you want to remove the drive for whatever reason (say, to replace it with a larger one).

The screws take a little convincing, but come out without stripping or any other trouble. You can see that the drive slides out easily, and the actual ATA/USB interface is quite well designed and clean looking. The PCB for the actual disk drive controller is covered in a sticky plastic sheet, to protect from scratches and shocks, which is a thoughtful touch on Cirago's part.

Easy enough to use, just plug it in and XP will auto-recognize it. Again, you only need that extra piece of the cable for USB1.1, which is quite outdated by now. Keep reading as we run some benchmarks and wrap this review up.

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