Choiix Power Fort Portable Charger
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 08-04-2010
Provided by: Cooler Master
Usage and Conclusions

I used the Choiix Power Fort for several days to get a feel for its impact on everyday life. Indeed, the Power Fort is small and convenient. It was never a hassle to toss it in my pocket on the go. Those with smaller pockets might have some trouble carrying the Power Fort, but it should fit in any purse or bag. Also, if I was only home for a few minutes and needed a quick refill, I could charge both my phone and the Power Fort at home, then plug my phone into the Power Fort as I left--this helps provide that extra juice in a pinch.

For objective testing, I drained and charged two popular products until the Power Fort lost all charge. The first test was on an Apple iPod Classic 80GB. The Power Fort provided roughly 2.5 charges on the iPod, and took about 4 hours to charge. In comparison, a wall charger would take around half that time. My next test was on a Motorola Droid. The Power Fort charged the Droid just over twice on one charge. Those charges took between 2 and 3 hours, which is also slightly more than using a wall charger.

The Power Fort should help most consumers survive at least an extra day without seeking out an outlet. Obviously, this depends on your battery life and capacity, but even without the battery, the Power Fort still makes a useful universal wall/car charger.

At first, I thought the Power Fort should have arrived with more cable options, in addition to the Mini- and Micro-USB cables provided. Soon, though, I realized that almost all mobile electronics arrive with compatible USB cables, so the Power Fort should suit all of your charging needs.

The only real con I found with the Power Fort was its flashlight. While the flashlight was nice and bright and all, I hardly find myself in need of a flashlight and it was just another thing to accidentally turn on in my pocket, wasting valuable battery life.

The Choiix Power Fort isn't the only product of its kind, with a little searching online you can find other portable USB batteries. They tend to be pretty pricey, so we'll have a better idea how the Power Fort stacks up when we learn its MSRP. If it's priced as expected, though, the Power Fort will definitely be a tough competitor.

Editor's Note:
The MSRP for the standard version is $49.99 and $69.99 for the advanced version.

The Choiix Power Fort is a solid product: it has a sturdy construction and an attractive, functional form factor. The Power Fort should work for most portable electronics out there, and provide at least a day's charge on even your most worn down batteries. For its high overall quality, the Power Fort receives the Silver Seal of Approval.

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