BTO Plus Deck 2c PC Cassette Deck
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 04-12-2007
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The Plus Deck dashboard is very simple. You probably should put tapes in the deck with "A" side up to limit confusion. The left play button controls side "A", the right controls side "B".

Converting to MP3 is extremely simple. First, stage the song, then push the "Convert" button. You will be asked where to put the file and to supply a file name. After that, the song begins playing. Push the "stop" button next to the "Convert" button when the song is over. Repeat for the next song.

You can also use the Plus Deck software to "record" streaming audio. Below "PC > Digital File", you will notice a "Save" button. Start the stream and push the "save" button. The stream will be saved in .wav format, so keep in mind that it will be a pretty large file. If you like, the software will automatically convert the .wav to MP3 and delete the .wav file. The Plus Deck software is unable to edit the files, but really, if you pay attention to what you are doing, you won't need to. If you do feel the need for editing, there are many different programs out there for it. If you don't have one, I occasionally use "Audacity". It is totally functional, relatively easy to use and best of all, free. Google it if you are interested.


Not everyone needs a cassette tape deck in their PC. For most of you, it would be very much like the unreplaced cassette player in most older cars that never gets used. But, if you do have the need, whether you have some cassettes you would like to convert to MP3, need a cassette deck for a mod with an "old skool" theme or you are building a rig for your dad or granddad and you really feel the need to be a smart-ass, the BTO Plus Deck 2c fits the bill. The BTO Plus Deck 2c does its job very well; plays and converts cassette tapes. The deck is easy to install and the software is the mark of simplicity, with the added feature of making a simple job of recording audio streams. The Plus Deck 2c runs $89.99 at Not a bad price for a totally unique item. has awarded the BTO Plus Deck 2c our seal of approval.

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