OtterBox for BlackBerry Bold Defender Series
Author: Josh Maronde
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-26-2009
Provided by: OtterBox

Installation of the OtterBox BlackBerry Bold case is very easy. First remove the silicone shell then separate the two-piece polycarbonate shell. Place the BlackBerry Bold into the back piece of the shell. Snap the front shell piece together with the back piece and reapply the silicone protective layer to complete installation.

Note: If you use the clear protective membrane then you will need to apply that first before placing the Bold into the polycarbonate shell.

Here is a shot of the bottom of the case with and without the phone installed. The microphone port is clearly visible.

Looking at the left side of the case, side button is usable and the phone's keyboard is only slightly recessed from the edges of the case. While the trackball is fully functional, the plastic bar right above it can be annoying even though it has an angled shape to prevent this. The trick to using the trackball comfortably with this case is to use the bottom of your thumb and not the tip.

The BlackBerry Bold's headphone and charging jack are protected from dust and debris by the silicone outer shell. Unfortunately, another user of this case with larger hands managed to rip this piece right off after only a couple days of use. This area of the phone was still protected against drops even though this piece was missing. Although not pursued, I'm sure OtterBox would have replaced this piece given the lifetime warranty the case comes with.

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