OtterBox for BlackBerry Bold Defender Series
Author: Josh Maronde
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-26-2009
Provided by: OtterBox

You walk out of the cell phone store with the latest creation in mobile phone engineering. While looking forward to playing with your new phone's fancy features, you still cringe at the thought of another two year contract and spending over three hundred dollars for the new handset. Before you reach your automobile, your new purchase emits a melodic tune and vibrates for attention. As you reach for the unfamiliar device it seems to jump out of your hand in a glorious leap of faith. Although you attempt to use cat-like reflexes to regain control of your prized possession, the phone smashes into the pavement below. Horrified at what you have just witnessed, you slowly approach the now inanimate mobile phone and find its once glorious LCD screen cracked. Gravity wins again.

In order to win the fight against gravity, OtterBox designed the Defender Series for added mobile phone protection. The OtterBox 1937 Defender Case is made exclusively for the BlackBerry Bold. Will this case provide the protection you want while still allowing full use of your BlackBerry Bold's features? Read along to find out.

The OtterBox 1937 Defender Series BlackBerry Bold case comes in classic OtterBox yellow and black packaging that highlights the versatile nature of the case with situational photos on the back. Case dimensions (case only) are 4.84" x 2.93" x 0.96" and with a weight of 2.0 oz.

Unboxing of the included contents is just ahead.

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