BodhiBox HD2 HTPC
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 08-16-2010
Provided by: BodhiBoxes
First Look

The system is housed in the small ITX form factor chassis that you see above. The top of the chassis has ventilation slots that allow the internal cooling fan to exhaust hot air from the system. The front bezel of the BodhiBox is glossy and features a power button, two USB ports and headphones / microphone jacks. The BodhiBoxes name is printed on the right side of the bezel, although only in sticker form. The left side of the bezel is a push-door that reveals an LG Blu-ray player. The Windows product key sticker has also been placed out of sight behind the door.

The left side panel is solid black with a grill over what would traditionally be the CPU area of the system, but as we will soon discover, this is mostly just a passive intake as the optical drive extends to cover most of this vent.

At the back of the system is the I/O panel which consists of the following: dual WiFi antenna connections, a Clear CMOS button, 10 USB 2.0 ports, a PS/2 keyboard port, an HDMI port, a DVI port, eSATA port, Ethernet jack, S/PDIF audio and onboard audio. The power connector sits at the top right of the system with a large grill just below it. Again there are no fans behind this grill so it is mostly a passive intake vent. All of the panels are held in place by traditional case screws. I did find it odd that the DVI connector was blue instead of the usual white, whereas VGA connectors are traditionally blue.

The right side panel is solid and has indentations in each corner where it appears rubber feet could be installed so the system could lay flat, but there were none included with the bundle for this.

Also included with the bundle is a Mediagate Remote Control kit, which includes the remote itself, wireless receiver and a pack of batteries. If you don't want to fool with using a keyboard and mouse, the remote will certainly come in handy and is pretty much a necessity for a true HTPC.

Continue ahead as we open up the BodhiBox and see what we find inside.

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