Cooler Master Blue Ice Pro Chipset Cooler
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 09-25-2006
Provided by: Cooler Master
First Look

The Blue Ice Pro comes in a clear plastic blister pack that shows off the cooler. Specs for the heatsink are printed on the insert.

The package is merely taped shut at the top, and has an easy-opening clamshell design. Thank you Cooler Master for not using a heat-sealed container!

The package contains the cooler itself, mounting instructions and hardware and a small bit of thermal paste in a disposable packet. It comes preinstalled with the shorter AMD mounting bracket, and a longer bracket that can be installed for Intel users.

The first thing I noticed was the colorful holographic sticker on top of the fan. But what's with this big yellow sticker on the power lead? Is it a warning not to dispose of the cooler? Hope it's not referring to the sticker, because I cut that off and threw it in the trash.

The thin copper fins are skived, meaning they're actually sliced from the base during the manufacturing process. Because the fins are still attached at the bottom there is better heat transfer than if the fins were soldered. It appears that this heatsink has a missing fin at the far left, there is a ridge on the base as if there was once a fin there, and there is certainly room for one. The fan bracket also appears slightly bent.

The bracket that attaches the fan to the copper base is made of brushed aluminum and is stamped with the Cooler Master logo.

The bottom surface of the base has been left in a rough, machined finish. As can be seen, it barely casts any reflection, although smoothness (or lack thereof) does not necessarily translate to heatsink performance.

Instructions include several different languages and are easy to read with simple to follow diagrams picturing the installation steps.

Next let's take a crack at installation.

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