Thermaltake BlacX SE Hard Drive Dock
Author: OCIA Staff
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 05-29-2008
Provided by: Thermaltake

A couple months ago we reviewed Thermaltake's BlacX USB Hard Drive Docking Station. While it was certainly a nice product, it was pretty basic. Enter it's bigger brother, the BlacX SE. Now some of you are probably wondering what the extra two letters means. Basically, you get all the functionality of the original with the inclusion of a 4-port USB hub. I'm sure you all know what an external hard drive is, but the Thermaltake BlacX SE takes it a step further. You get a plug-and-play dock that you simply drop any 2.5 laptop or 3.5 desktop hard drive into and then gain access to.

Now, let's take a look at what Thermaltake has brought to the table this time around.

The BlacX SE arrived in the black retail package you see above. The front of the box shows the BlacX SE dock and lists a few features (Windows and Mac compatible, SATA to USB and a three year warranty) while the back of the box goes into further detail regarding features and specifications. One thing that puzzled me in the picture above, was how the Raptor X is pictured without the cover in place. As far as I was able to determine, there is no way to make it look like that.

Below is a complete list of features and specifications, borrowed from Thermaltake's website.

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